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хорошие курсы иностранных языков в Харькове

FREE Saturday English Club

Бесплатный клуб общения на английском языке. 2 часа разнообразных занятий-языковых тренингов по субботам для всех желающих. Праздники на английском. Отличные друзья-единомышленники, бесплатная практика устной речи. Присоединйтесь!

Club topics (sample)

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  •  There are 5 languages of Love. Which one is yours?
  • Leadership. What makes a good leader?
  • Italian Mafia and their secrets.
  •  Wonders of the World you’ve never heard of!
  • Mystics say that we’re always happy in it… Scientists say it’s one of the most mysterious states… We do it every day, every night to be precise. So, what happens when we sleep?
  • Priorities in our Life. Are they the same for men and women?
  • Want to meet a lot of new people or even your prospective partner? Then come to our Speed Dating and find your Mr or Ms Right…
  • If I were a teacher… So, what would you do? How would you teach? We’re looking forward to your fresh ideas.
  • «Island» — a psychological game . Will you survive?
  •  What your Signature says about you.
  •  Are there any benefits in a stressful life? Scientists say there are…
  • Money: does it make your world go round? 
  • Practical English (at the airport, at a hotel, at a restaurant, etc.)
  • Business English (at the conference)
  • Speed… Renting! Find the right house to live in.
  • Can we create our own Luck or is it something out of our hands?
  • Would you like to know your future? Astrologers, palm readers and psychics – can they really see into the future or is it just a trick?
  • Pick up a card and start talking! Today we’re discussing Music, Money, Nature, Love and Friendship,  and even Death….
  • Pick up a card and get talking (part 2)! Today we’re talking about Family, Hobbies, God, Future, Star Signs and what not.
  • …and so on, and so forth… just come and get talking, thinking and learning.

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WAY X-mas party!

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рождество в WAY

Рождественский вечер в WAY. Приходите с друзьями и хорошими знакомыми

24.12 в 16.00 на ул. Чичибабина, 11 (СШ 131). Разыгрываем призы — и просто весело проводим время на всевозможных языках.

Dear all,

You are heartily invited to WAY’s annual Christmas party, which will take place om Saturday, December 24th,
at 4.00 p. m. at school# 131 (here).   The sketches, songs and dances are prepared by our dear  enthusiastic students (some of whom are professional
singers and dancers!
, and the games, prizes and special discounts
— by us, WAY team. Entrance is free!

Все вопросы — сюда (клуб-школа WAY,  контакты)

Hi guys, here’s what we’ve been going this year so far.

  • 16.01 and 23.01 — Watching «Liar» movie and discussing it in detail.
  • 30.01 — What Music Does To Us. Talking about music styles. Listening to rock, classical and meditative music and discussing what emotions it stirs in us.
  • 06.02. War And Peace. Do we need wars? How can we do wothout them? Military words.
  • Celebrating St Valentine’s day. Fun contests and competitions.
  • Celebrating February, 23rd. Staged performances. The Best Gentleman show.
  • The Amazing Japan. Discussig the differences between Ukrainian and Japanese cultures.
  • The Generation Gap. Family conflicts — their reasons and how to cope with them.
  • Celebrating March, 8th. Contests and funny games prepared and conducted by our boys and gentlemen.
  • Celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Irish traditions. Fun facts about the holidays, games and contests. Paul was present!
  • Easter. British traditions. Gift-giving. Embellished eggs and easter bunnies.
  • Humour In Our Lives. Staging jokes. The weird British humour. Lots of laughter!
  • Holidays. Discussion: what is your ideal holiday? Holiday types. Fun facts.
  • Independence in Relationships. Sharing personal experiences, giving one another advice.
  • If you were me… — what activities would you offer and what topics would you suggest if you were the leader of OSCAR’s Club? — mini-presentations.
  • Our plans for this summer. Where are you going to go? What are you planning to see?
That’s what has happened at OSCAR’s so far. We thoroughly enjoyed the experiences of getting together, sharing opinions and advice, engaging in hot discussions and playing games — all in English. The club has to be closed now for the summer vacations — but I’ll be missing everyone and will be soooo looking forward to seeing all of you in September!
Just a reminder for the future newcomers: the club is free of charge and is open for everyone regardless of whether they study at WAY or not. We meet weekly on Saturdays at 16.00 at school #131. Welcome everyone in the coming academic year!

The club’s presentation page is located here.

>Oxana’s CLUB: NEW TOPICS for 2009 (up to X-mas/New Year)

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Please visit the club’s presentation page HERE.

Our past and upcoming topics are as follows:

03.10.09 My Dear Friends! I missed you so much!!! And we’re all together again! Let’s share our vivid impressions of this summer and make our Club’s party!

10.10.09EDUCATION. There’s no doubt that our whole life is total education! So how can we make it easier and much more interesting right now? Well, we can go abroad, we can study here… Who knows, what’s better? Anyway, everything’s in our arms!

17.10.09 FILMS and BOOKS – are they rivals nowadays?

24.10.09 – You can’t imagine your life without it!!! It’s one of the most important resources for living! Of course… No doubt! I’m talking about FOOD!!!
What? When? How do we eat? – that’s our topic for today.


07.11.09 — Girls! Girls!!! Gir-r-r-r-r-r-rls! Where’re you? We’re talking about CLOTHES, COLORS and discussing the FASHION of these days!

14.11.09 – Famous people and how they achieved their SUCCESS. To be famous — is it to be successful and rich? How can we become successful in our lives?

21.11.09 – Have you ever thought about the HOUSE of your DREAM? Even if not I propose you to create it right now!!! So we take pink curtains, yellow sofa with small blue pillows, white rugs… Not your style??? Let’s find your own one then!

28.11.09RESPONSIBILITY. What are we responsible in our lives for? Is it difficult to accept?

05.12.09TRAVELLING to other countries. Ok, you’re abroad! We hope you’re good at orientation!

12.12.09BRAIN-RING! Let’s warm up our brains!

19.12.09 – What fairy-tale would you like to live in? A little performance before New Year’s Eve…

26.12.09Happy New Year’s Party!

EVERYONE is welcome.  It’s free. For the times and location, please visit the club’s presentation page HERE.