WAY language school

Club topics (sample)

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  •  There are 5 languages of Love. Which one is yours?
  • Leadership. What makes a good leader?
  • Italian Mafia and their secrets.
  •  Wonders of the World you’ve never heard of!
  • Mystics say that we’re always happy in it… Scientists say it’s one of the most mysterious states… We do it every day, every night to be precise. So, what happens when we sleep?
  • Priorities in our Life. Are they the same for men and women?
  • Want to meet a lot of new people or even your prospective partner? Then come to our Speed Dating and find your Mr or Ms Right…
  • If I were a teacher… So, what would you do? How would you teach? We’re looking forward to your fresh ideas.
  • «Island» — a psychological game . Will you survive?
  •  What your Signature says about you.
  •  Are there any benefits in a stressful life? Scientists say there are…
  • Money: does it make your world go round? 
  • Practical English (at the airport, at a hotel, at a restaurant, etc.)
  • Business English (at the conference)
  • Speed… Renting! Find the right house to live in.
  • Can we create our own Luck or is it something out of our hands?
  • Would you like to know your future? Astrologers, palm readers and psychics – can they really see into the future or is it just a trick?
  • Pick up a card and start talking! Today we’re discussing Music, Money, Nature, Love and Friendship,  and even Death….
  • Pick up a card and get talking (part 2)! Today we’re talking about Family, Hobbies, God, Future, Star Signs and what not.
  • …and so on, and so forth… just come and get talking, thinking and learning.

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