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Beauty will resque the world. (Upper-Intermediate)

First, we should define our terms of reference. We are interpreting «beauty» as abstract notion which indicates that something is pleasant for our sight. The «will resque» of the question I am talking to mean in this context «will get rid of wars and disasters and will lead to peace all over the planet». I shall first examine the evidence which supports the statement and then go on to consider arguments which counter it.

Without doubt people long to beauty in its different displays. To begin with, let us consider the significance of design. The better the design of any thing the higher the price of it. Moreover, not only do people decorate their houses, cars, offices, but they have their appierence changed. For instance, plastic surgery can turn you into a Quine of Beauty. What’s more, such competitions as «Miss World», or art exhibitions unite all nations and races in their desire to surround themselves by beauty. In addition, beautiful well-designed things fetch positive emotions therefore influence people’s health.

Despite all this, the outer beauty can’t be obstacle for violence. Quite simply, soldiers, wearing the convinient modern uniform, use well-designed weapon. After all, it could be argued that weapon manufacturing at some nations like the Caucasians has become particular art. On a day-to-day level top models are always falling out with each other over trifles. It demonstrates that skin-deep beauty doesn’t command the people’s behavior.

In conclusion, we see that beauty is major importance in our life. However, on balance, beauty is used in vicious aims. Therefore the statement must be wrong.

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