WAY language school

Автор: MaxY
Dog’s reality. (Upper-Intermediate)

Sensitive to my master’s mood,
I walk with him here and there.
No matter if the weather’s bad or good,
I’ll do my best for him everywhere.

And everytime i hear his command,
I think to myself is it correct or not.
In my last life i’ve been a nomad,
Adoptable to whatever… but i’ve forgotten.

Confident in my own point of view,
But always listening to my master’s voice,
I do everything that he wants me to do,
My wilingness’s always on, but is there a choice?

Being so livey in my younger years,
I’m free to do everything… in the distance of the lead.
No way i can lose my old dark fears.
Hey! Where’s the psychologist that i need?

Walking the same roads for days and years,
Being a prisoner, lusting for grave,
I close my eyes, shut my ears
Just not to hear:
"What a nice canine you have!"

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