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Автор: Valerya Guslyakova — Dental treatment in Ukraine (review) (Intermediate)

Everybody in our country (almost everybody) is afraid of dental treatment. This attitude is brought up from the early childhood, when innocent and well-fed children come to doctor and take their first portion of stress from dental treatment because some dentists think that it’s not painfull procedure to treat the first teeth. And these "carefree and loud" young people become a "dentist-haters" for all their lifes. We should say, that this situation can’t be like this, because then it’s too difficult to make a profilactic work and to teach children to care about their teeth. So, when these children grow up, they will not go to dentist with their coveys until pain will be unbearable, and that’s why we come across the situation, when we can do nothing (or almost nothing) to our patients, because everything is so neglected.

Another example: people are so afraid of drill that they want to cut out their teeth instead of a dental treatment and fulling.

The resume of all these is to have an attitude to children like a people, who can feel pain, and to treat them more carefully and accurate, and to think about them like about future patients, who can be frightened of dentist or can be appreciated patients.

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