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Автор: Julia Veter
A Frightening Story (Intermediate)

One old man lived in a small town. He was widower. His wife died five years ago. His two children lived in another country. He was pensioner. He had bad healthy. His eyesight was getting worse over the last two years. He saw next to nothing. Only big black dog Dick lived with him in his house. He spend the most of the day at home. He made different toys from the wood.

One cool summer evening he was sitting on the chair & made a new toy. A clock was ticking in the corner. Light wind blew in the open window.

Suddenly man heard somebody’s whisper beyound the window. The voice was stranger. Then somebody unlocked the door. It was opened with creak. Dog begin to growl. But then he sniffed somebody & stopped to growl. Man asked if there was somebody. Noone answered. But he was confident that there was somebody in the room. Somebody crept through the room. The man was frightened. His heart beat too loud.

Suddenly somebody touched his arm. He jerk arm back & woke up. It was just a dream. He listened attentively, there was noone in the room. Only the clock was ticking in the corner.

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