WAY language school

Автор: Helen Nesterenko
Meeting the dawn (Upper-Intermediate)

The rose, pink rays of the sun appeared in the horizon. We couldn’t see the sun, but we felt it arriving. The dark grey sky grew purple. The rays coloured scarlet the pale blue hillsides. At last we could see the semi-circul of the sun. It was so hot red that we thought the hills would burn. We could hear the songs of the first birds, they greeted the sun. The faint scent of the morning flowers reached us. Everything seemed wake up after the long sleeping. It was like being present at the birth of the new day. When the blood red sun circul of the sun rose the snow coloured ruby red. It was so picturesque that we remembered this view for the rest of our lifes.

Thus we met the dawn. It was the morning of the new beautiful day.

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