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Автор: Irene Shadrova
How to get up rich in 3 days. A consise guide. (Upper-Intermediate)

Well, you need a lot, a plenty of, money. It’s a question of life and death. You may start by trying your fortune in a casino. This way is the quickest and the easiest, but notice, you can loose everything at all. Well, who doesn’t take a risk, he doesn’t drink champaine.

If you are extremely self-assured and risky person, we would advice you to robber a bank. First of all you have to make sure that you can penetrate a sophisticated security system. Remember to count all the details and avoid leaving any footprints. If you are not so clever and you don’t posess any modern antysecurity devices, we can advice you a classic way of robbery: dashing into a bank with a mask on your head, making several shootings into the ceiling and screaming beastly.

Another advice is for not so risky and rather prudent woman. Why don’t you want to marry a rich husband? It’s a great variant for sexual and pretty woman. Ransacke the city looking for the potential fiancee. The older the better. Don’t forget about a chance to become a rich widow.

All in all it’s up to you what to choose, according to your possibilities.

Good luck!

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