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Автор: Irene Xoxlova
Tips on a successful marriage. (Advanced)

Firstly start by living together for some period of time before marriage. Go on sleeping till usual time when you get up. It’s no use worrying about what her future husband will eat.

Secondly, remember to visit your mother after work as often as you can. It’s not worth putting on the meeting with your friend (if your f.h. is waiting for you at home).

What is more, never stop doing something that your f.h. doesn’t like. To the contrary try to force your f.h. doesn’t do what you don’t like. Therefore, try being amiable and insistent and your f.h. will stop even smoking (if you wish).

In addition, keep watching your favorit programm while the football match is beginning.

All in all don’t bother to buy different stuff for home. It’s worth writing the list and don’t fear giving it to your f.h.

Ultimatly if after all these your man is still near you you will never regret being with him.

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